2018 Conference Presentations

Some conference presenters graciously allowed us to post PDF versions of their presentations below.

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An Effective Model for Improving Clinician Education: The Mississippi DETECT Program - John Bartkowski - john.bartkowski@utsa.edu & Craig Escude, M.D. - clejxn@yahoo.com

Assessment and Care Continuity Best Practices in Hospital-based Dental Treatment of Individuals with IDD - Lyubov Slashcheva - slashld3@gmail.com

Congenital Heart Disease in Down Syndrome - Doreen Bestolarides - doreen.bestolarides@dignityhealth.org

Health Partners: A Dyad Approach to Health and Wellness Programming - Megan Jaspersen - megan.jaspersen@uky.edu

Hospital Based Special Needs Caregiver Program - Doreen Bestolarides - doreen.bestolarides@dignityhealth.org

Improved Monitoring for Decline in Cognition - Patricia Fiske - pfiske@covecenter.org

Improving Healthcare Encounters for Individuals with IDD through Customized Care Communication Cards - Lyubov Slashcheva - slashld3@gmail.com

Improving Patient Disorders with Sensory Disorders - Jenelle Fleagle - Jlfleagle@mercy.com

Improving The Oral Health of People With Disabilities Through Innovative Collaborations in a Changing Healthcare System - Jack Dillenberg - drjdillen@gmail.com

Interprofessional Collaborative Care with Occupational Therapy: Improving Outcomes in Oral Health and Beyond - Janice Tona - tona@buffalo.edu

Lifelong Smiles for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities: A Resource for Oral Health Professionals - Carol Yakiwchuk - carolyaki@gmail.com & 

MagnusCards for Patient Centered Optimization - Matilde Hernandez - matilde_hernandez@colpal.com

Oxygen Saturation Before and After the 2-Minute Step Test in Athletes with Intellectual Disability - Donna B Bainbridge - dbridge@montana.com

Panel - Lessons learned from efforts to improve acute care of people with intellectual disabilities: Outcomes and future challenges - Doreen Bestolarides - doreen.bestolarides@dignityhealth.org

Preparing for the Aging of Population of People with ID/D. A Focus on Mobility and Vision - Sandra Block - sblock@ico.edu

Psychotropic Polypharmacy and Physical Health - Michelle Cornacchia - cornacma@gmail.com

The Relationship of Impairments in Balance to Vision and/or Hearing Deficiency in Special Olympics Athletes - Donna B Bainbridge - dbridge@montana.com

Training Direct Support Professionals as Health Care Advocates - Carl Tyler MD, MSc - catyle@ccf.org

START: Promoting Wellness For People with IDD through a Systemic Multi-modal Approach - Jill Hinton - jill.hinton@unh.edu

Social & cultural influences on older adult diet, activity, and wellbeing in Anchorage, AK - Britteny Howell, PhD, CPG - brhowell@hopealaska.org

Training Medical Students to Care for Patients with Disabilities: A Disability Curriculum Initiative at The Ohio State University College of Medicine - Jessica Prokup - jessica.prokup@osumc.edu & Jill Crane - jill.crane@osumc.edu

Transition from Pediatric to Adult Healthcare for Young Adults with Down Syndrome - Rebecca J. Graves - rgraves@southalabama.edu

You May Not Know Me, But I Know You - Marie A Capobianco - mcapobianco@sevenhills.org